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We help to develop farm models that have a solid economic development strategy that involves the sustainable management of forests and agricultural methods such as permaculture that improve the quality of life of all living beings.

Who we are


Community forestry is our intention as an approach to good forest land management.  Some of the members of our team grew up in a tropical forest in Honduras where they learn how to protect and care for this type of land.  The preservation of soil and water in Honduras is our highest priority. It is urgent that as a collective we begin to take care of the rivers and the forests.

Ways We Help

The focus of our efforts

Healthy soil: We aim to create an environment that is rich in minerals and healthy bacteria that substains life and provide plants with necessary nutrients.

Meet our team

We are deeply committed to environmental conservation and are confident that by working together, we can decrease our carbon footprint through initiatives that prioritize the preservation and flourishing of nature.


50% of the profits go toward our projects. The other 50% goes toward the production/shipping cost of artwork and toward the artist.


Your gift

Thank you for visiting our site. With your purchase or by filling out this donation form, you are helping us to achieve our goals of:

reforesting degraded land, promoting and working with farmers to create or expand permaculture farms, of creating programs for young children to promote awareness of the environment in particular the care of forests and rivers. And, helping us to train personnel to become forest guardians. The future of our forests and waters are in our hands.

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