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Our Story

Dedication and Service

The Eco Buenvivir Foundation is a non-profit organization that is in charge of the management and administration of funds and that ensures that the projects carried out are aligned with the mission of the foundation:. 

-. Preserve forests that are being destroyed and in danger of extinction

- Promote regenerative agriculture

- Use wild regeneration to restore vast areas of degraded land.

-. Train ranger staff

- Teach the new generations to live in harmony with the environment.

Our Vision

Anything Is Possible

Protecting our jungles and using friendly agricultural methods is our responsibility. We seek to help balance our damaged ecosystems through the reforestation of river sources. Water reservoirs and streams are our top priority. we are going to base ourselves on the values, principles, and techniques of permaculture, which are ancestral methods that do not harm the earth. This includes agroforestry and silvopastoral systems. Our idea is to create huge orchards, which become self-sustaining territories and help regenerate damaged soil. It is the legacy that we are going to leave to future generations. Without forests, there is no life.

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